Friday, April 18, 2014

Grateful for Modern Medicine and Today (Follow Up)

Yesterday, we got great news.  My husband's thyroid cancer is under control and no further treatment is needed at this time.  The tumor that was treated with ethanol ablation has lost all blood flow and is virtually undetectable.  The other three suspicious lymph nodes are the same size and have no blood flow.  We come back in a year to keep an eye on everything.

The news was welcomed and wonderful!  It also helped solidify what I have been feeling for months.  We have been living in fear.  In fear of his health issues but also in fear of what to do next.

So today we start living with intention.  Today, we wake up with our futures ahead of us with life, our two little girls and giving our focus.  Today we smile.  Today we practice gratitude and forgiveness and kindness as we have never done before.  Today we PLAN our future.  Today we are afraid but we do it anyway.

Changes are coming.  New adventures and clean slates.  I am quietly passionate about living a life that counts and helping my family do the same.  Today I start that quest and will share how we do that as we go.

So thank you to the wonderful and amazing support during this week.  Please continue to spread the word and share our cancer story and how we found an alternative to a risky surgery to allow a greater quality of life.  

I can't wait to share our changes and plans moving forward.  I am excited to live a life that truly counts.

With Much Love,
(From somewhere in Wisconsin)

P.S. We always have an extra one to two days scheduled for these trips in case procedures are needed. As soon as we got the news, we checked out of the hotel and took off in our rental car to explore!  Will post about those adventures too. 

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