Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break 2014 | Adventures in Nothing Really

After much travel and visiting family during the end of 2013 and early 2014, we were ready to keep it simple for spring break.  This year our plans included spring cleaning, the good ole’ seasonal clothes turnover, grocery shopping, and lots of simple play.

This spring, my oldest daughter's allergies have gone bananas, even with meds, and we have been practically indoor bound, which hasn’t really been such a bad thing. 

The highlights of the week so far have been;

  • An elaborate school created for the American Girls complete with a chalk board and desks, a cafeteria with trays and paper food, a schedule, lesson plans, a field trip, and much more.  It was carefully made and laid out, then was played with on and off for three days. Love it!
  • Eating cookies.
  • American Girl screenplay project research and collaboration.
  • Rediscovering their Playmobile collection.
  • Watching new-to-us old movies.
  • Creating an entire new world together in Minecraft.
  • BIG Adventure with daddy to a hotel downtown that spins and has views for miles, complete with a ride on the train to get there and a fun lunch in the heart of the city. (See awesome pics - daddy rocks!)

Waiting for the train
Tallest escalator in the WORLD! (not really)

On top of Atlanta
Target: Stori thought this was hilarious.
  • Getting haircuts.
  • Reading.
  • Many rounds of Go Fish and Crazy 8s.
  • Getting glasses fixed.
  • Singing at the tops of our lungs to every song we all know.
  • An epic three (yes, I said THREE!) hour trip to Target where the girls and I just wandered around and eventually got the few items on our list but basically saw every item in the store.

There has also been a lot of laughing, tickling, talking, drawing, cooking, and sleeping.  We've even had a few gratitudes thrown in.  I have managed to get a fair amount of work done and have really enjoyed seeing the relaxed state of our children.  Something that I will continue to work toward.

I love adventures in nothing.  Relaxation, noticing the remarkable in a unremarkable day, and remembering the wonder in simple play is all I wanted out of this 'vacation'. Mission accomplished and the week is only half over.  So grateful!

With much love,

In keeping with remembering my 'dids' as noted in: Sunny Days and Guilty Moms

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