Thursday, May 29, 2014

This Mama Had the House to Herself

I am alone. For the first time in weeks, I am alone in my house. I've had dreams of this moment. Lists in my head of what I would do...

Clean out my closet, without interruption.

Scrub my bathtub, without my name being called.

Write. With no one standing there waiting for my attention.

Eat ice cream. Without anyone asking where theirs was or why I 'get to have ice cream'.

Watch Netflix without having to negotiate what the show would be...

Clip my toenails.

Wear nothing for a little while.

Knit while watching a dumb comedy. (After watching a YouTube video reminding me HOW to knit.)

Read. A LOT.

Write. A LOT.

Smile, without explanation.

Ignore the phone and email.

Listen to the noises my house makes.

Catch up with an old friend.

Go out and get fast food.

Run on my treadmill while watching a documentary that makes me never want to eat fast food again.

Did I say read?

So many dreams. So many lists. But it happened so suddenly. I wasn't prepared. Know what I actually did? I had THREE. WHOLE. HOURS.

I ate a pickle and a handful of Goldfish crackers.

I folded laundry.

I did 25 squats and 25 dead lifts.

I drank a glass (or two) of wine.

I took a hot bath.

I carried my iPad around and watched the season finale of a TV show that happened last year while putting items away that I KNEW no one would ask for or move for a little while.

I smiled for no reason and without explanation.

I heard my own voice in my head and I wrote it all down. (Maybe I'll share soon. For now. It's all for me.)

I missed my family of noise-makers and question-askers.
Lucky for me...they are walking through the door.

Much Love,

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  1. Sounds just about ... wonderful! :-)

    1. Yes, Tarissa! After the ridiculous smile on my face when my family came home, they may just leave me home alone more often. :-)