Monday, April 20, 2015

Revolution of Dematerialization Update: Today's Big Event

BIG news: We sold our house today! Our house that is almost 100 years old and needs lots of love and care. 

Our house that we are afraid to leave for longer than a week or so at a time for fear of a catastrophe. Our house in which both of our children took their first steps. Our house where we celebrated so many birthdays and picnics on the lawn. Our house where we planted trees and flowers. Our house in which I have lived longer than any other house in my life. 

Our home.

A year of talking about it. Starting what we deemed a 'Revolution of Dematerialization'. Moving slowly at first, then stalling for a few months...THEN hyper-drive. Deciding to sell our home. Putting it on the market. Three offers the first day and closing in a month. It's such a wonderful and sad day. A valuable bittersweet step.

Five years ago this month, my husband and I were both recovering from thyroidectomies. We were self-employed and self-insured and had two children ages five and three and were dealing with the potential of both of us having cancer at the same time, in the same place in our bodies

Five years ago today, my husband - the love of my life - was having his neck sliced open in what was supposed to be a two hour surgery, but took almost seven hours. My vocal chords had been damaged in my surgery 12 days earlier, so I had no voice and no one would talk to us to tell us what was going on. Five years ago we were terrified. 

Five years ago was followed by months and years of difficult decisions and residual issues and financial impacts. 

Five years ago changed the course of our lives. It was an awakening. A terrible, cruel, strange, eye-opening time. And now, today, we are taking steps to live the lives that we envisioned before that time. And guess what, we are less afraid because of five years ago.

We learned how to let others be there for us. We learned how to be grateful and humble.

We are stepping out of the strong current of the massive river that we found ourselves swept up in once jobs and houses and kids happen, and we are standing on the riverbank for a moment and deciding a different way. 

We are learning to make intentional decisions about every aspect of our lives, not just the 'important ones'.

Today, we are moving toward a simpler life. We are learning about smaller living and how to reduce our responsibilities. We are finding ways to live bigger by downsizing. 

We will have a wonderful home base to give our children roots in a community that we already adore with friends close by and not too far from what our children consider home. (We are moving about four miles away.) 

We are letting our 2000+ sq. ft. historic home go to a wonderful young couple to start their family and we are going to a two bedroom newer town home. With a smaller footprint, we'll cut our overall living costs by at least half. We will have the ability to homeschool but also have terrific public schools as an option.

This change will give us wings to see as much of the world as possible like we had hoped without having to give up so much of our time trying to make money to do it.

My oldest daughter is not as excited as the rest of us. I'll share some of her troubles and how we are dealing with them in hopes of helping others out there that have children very resistant to change too. 

In the meantime, we are looking forward without leaving our beloved community behind. We are planning our travels that start in about six weeks to the Pacific Northwest and many stops to all learn about this great big place. World schooling in increments.  

We aren't alone and have some great inspirations and teachers to learn much about this awake, intentional living.

It's a perfect start for us. Can't wait to share it with you!  

Much Love,

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  1. We would love for you to stay with us for a night or two on your journey!

    1. We would love that - thank you Katie! I can't wait. I'll check in with you as we plan our way to your gorgeous neck of the woods. I really want to learn about your story too!